What’s your favorite food from TJ’s?

Okay, I admit it. I love Trader Joe’s. If I could, I would do all of my grocery shopping there. Think about those words – no more Krogers (sorry George).

We took a stock up trip last week to pick up cereal and a few other things. I love to buy the kids cereal at TJ’s for several reasons. One, the price is right. Most boxes are less than $3 for the big box. Two, rarely is corn syrup listed as one of the ingredients. I have a big thing going on with corn syrup that I could rant about for pages (hmmm, future post), but just suffice it for me to say, my kids don’t eat food full of corn syrup. Never, ever.
I’ve been trying to decide what’s the one thing that I couldn’t do without from TJ’s. I’ve concluded that it’s their Multi-Grain Baking & Pancake Mix. It used to take me forever to whip up a batch of pancakes from scratch and then the kids would eat one or two and the rest would get thrown away. The pancakes made with this mix are always eaten and always gone. We add chocolate chips (who doesn’t like pancakes with chocolate chips?) or fresh picked by me from the bush blueberries. If you haven’t tried this mix, give it a whirl.
There are so many other things that we’ve come to rely on as staples in our pantry. Here’s a quick list and why we like them:
1. Maple Syrup – ever since PP took the kids to a maple syrup festival two Falls ago, the only way they’ll drink milk at home is with maple syrup. The syrup from TJ’s is reasonable priced and comes in a nice pourable container.
2. Dried Fruit – banana slices, mangos, plums, peaches, and on and on. All are fantastic and quick easy nutritious snacks. We only buy the fruit without sulfur or other additives. If you think, “yuck, I hate dried fruit! It tastes so wierd!”, try the dried fruit from TJ’s – it’s really good!
3. Teja Tea – tastes like I stopped at Wendy’s or White Castles and bought it.
4. Next to Godliness All-Purpose Cleaner – once you get used to the earthy piney smell, you’ll use this for everything – or at least we did. I use this to clean floors, windows, sinks, bathrooms, furniture, walls, the list goes on and on.
5. Pure Castille Soap – We just discovered this and it’s quick new favorite for cleaning floors and stainless steel appliances.
What’s your favorite food or product from Trader Joe’s?


  1. I really haven't shopped here in a LONG LONG LONG while but I'm intrigued for sure. What was the beer that you bought? Of course my favorite thing from Trader Joe's is beer!! :-)

  2. First of all let me say that I just discovered your blog today and I really like it. Secondly, I would have to say that trying to name my favorite Trader Joe's product is quite difficult – but I will say that they make a mean hummus and their cheddar cheese pita chips are literally the most addicting thing I have ever tasted. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Jociegal – WOW – you're the first none friend or family member to say they've read my blog. Thanks!I haven't tried the cheddar cheese pita chips, but will add it to my list for my next shopping trip. I normally buy the cinnamon and sugar as well as just the plain pita chips – time to expand my horizons! Hope you become a regular reader. Please pass this on to your friends. Take care, Karen

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