Time for an upgrade

2013-iphone5s-silverI happily crossed over from an Android to an iPhone in January of 2012. Like many, it was one of the best decision I’ve made when it comes to electronic gadgets in my life. Last month, as I hit my two year anniversary, I became eligible for a new iPhone – this time the 5S. I was hesitant to seal the deal as it cost $199 to upgrade. I’m trying to pay off quite a bit of medical expenses, so spending this money when my current phone still worked gave me pause. But…. I really wanted that new phone.

Enter a tip from some friends. They told me I could go to the Apple store, where they would not only upgrade my phone to the 5S, but they’d also give me money for my current 4S phone. Commo say what?

Yesterday was my day. I thought my plan had been foiled as we had yet another snow day, but my wonderful husband surprised me, and the kids, by taking a half day yesterday in order to give me a break from blizzard bag hell, and to take the kids sled riding. With a cleared plate, off to the store I went.

It was great planning (or luck) on my part — the store was almost empty. If you live near an Apple store, you know this is a very very rare thing. No one was in front of me in the queue, another first. Within an hour, I had purchased and was on my way back home with my new toy with a full back-up of my previous phone which meant all Apps, contacts, even sounds, were on my new phone. The best part? It cost me $74.00 to upgrade. Yes, I know! Isn’t that just the cherry on top? I was ecstatic!

As a added bonus, I’d purchased a $60 Otterbox and a really long charging cable for a 5S last month on Groupon for $15.00. I knew I was going to upgrade, and I knew that as clumsy as I am, I needed a new Otterbox.

I’m here to tell you, if you have an upgrade coming to you, be sure to head to the Apple store first. Why pay the full price of your upgrade when you can save some money and recycle your phone.