The Purse Perfector

My purse is one scary place to go digging for something. My husband won’t go near it unless it’s a dire emergency and then he complains the entire time he’s in there. It’s always been a mess, I couldn’t tell you what’s in there and I couldn’t tell you where to find something in it. Well, that is, until now.

I was super pleased to get to use and review the Purse Perfector. This is available for purchase on-line only and all I can say about owning one is wow and YIPPEE! I took some photos of my purse and it’s contents before and after. Who knew I had three pens and loads of candy in my purse? I didn’t. I’m addicted to lip balm and now I have this perfect little compartment where my balm sits waiting for me. Same goes for sun glasses, keys, checkbooks, store reward cards, those errant pens, a constant stream of paper and of course the candy.

I kept my Purse Pefector zipped up so that I could utilize the large middle pocket created. If you unzip it, you can move it around and position it in various ways depending on the size of your purse. By keeping all of your essential items in your Purse Perfector, you can easily switch purses. And if you’re like me, I don’t like to take my entire purse to the gym. Now I can grab my Purse Perfector, unzip the side that has the things I might need at the gym, toss that into my gym bag and know I’ll have what I need. Super cool is what I’m thinking!

I thought I should humble myself and show you some before and afters……

This is what the inside of my purse used to look like:

And here’s the scary mess of the innards of my purse once I dumped it out:

Here’s my stuff all nice and organized:

And here’s how it looks inside my purse now:

Lyn Marsteller is the woman behind the Purse Perfector – she designed and created this organizer. I love her business philosophy: “work with other small businesses, be as green as possible and provide the best, most adaptable purse organizer available, and made in the USA. Each Purse Perfector order is hand-packed and shipped by a local nonprofit, Easter Seals Work Resource Center, an organization dedicated to training the developmentally disabled in meaningful work for a variety of businesses.”

I’ve had this in my purse for about four days now and it’s absolutely perfect (no pun intended). Like most women, I used to clean out my purse out of necessity a few times a year. Within a day or two (or an hour or two), my purse would look like a disaster once again. And so the cycle would go on and on. Or so I thought. Since I put this into use, my purse is still neat and organized. I can reach in and instantly find what I’m looking for. I wear prescription glasses and have sunglasses for sunny days. To know exactly where my glasses are every time I reach in while driving, is really such a lovely thing.

I am in love with my Purse Perfector. It’s a fantabulous product for organizing something that’s used by me constantly throughout the day.

A place for everything and everything in it’s place. What I now need is a house perfector. How about it anyone?

I would like to thank Lynn for giving me a Purse Perfector to use and review.

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