Who would have thunk?

When I look back over the past seven years, I’m just amazed at the person that I’ve become. Almost seven years ago, I became a Mom. At the time, I’d been married 13 years and had honestly thought that, by semi-choice, motherhood was not in the cards for me. Before kids, I had an okay … [Read more…]

Cash is King

About three years ago, my church started a resource table where you could pick up various books on different topics. In the beginning, everything was free for the taking. Well, I’m all about free, so I picked up some interesting reads. Nothing earth shattering or out there, just good reads. Until I got to a … [Read more…]

BTS is almost here

If you don’t have school age children, then your first thought is WTF is BTS? BTS is Back to School you lucky sod! My kids don’t like back to school. I don’t know why as they both like school. I don’t know if it’s the thought, the name, the uncertainty of new friends, teachers, etc., … [Read more…]