Crouching Tigers Launches in Cincinnati

Hey local friends, my kids are two old to benefit from this program, but as I feel it’s important to get our kiddos moving and shaking at an early age, I wanted to get the info out about something new coming to Cincinnati. If you suggest this program to your child’s school/preschool and they sign … [Read more…]

Checkout the new menu items at LongHorn Steakhouse

On Tuesday night, after yet another day of living the dream (aka meetings, meetings, and more meetings, while trying to work, pack for vacation, take care of things for caregivers for the kids, etc.), cooking dinner just wasn’t in the cards. When I told the kids we were eating out after weeks of not eating … [Read more…]

With this ring…

I’ve been married for 24 years. I’ve had nine wedding rings in that 24 years. I just got numbers eight and nine last week. And no, it hasn’t all been for upgrades. My first engagement ring was a little gold ring with diamond chips in it. I think it cost about $90. It was what … [Read more…]