Good Morning Ladies

We used to live in the country. Our neighbor, Janet lives on a 100 + acre farm. To get to her house, we would walk through a horse pasture and down a long winding driveway. Her farmhouse waited for us at the end of the driveway as did Janet. I so admire this woman and … [Read more…]

A Sand Castle

This past Saturday we had Sissy’s 7th Birthday party with her friends. It was a pool party so think beach theme. Here’s the cake I made for the party (excuse cluttery table in back ground): We got the idea from my friend Debi who made a similar cake last year for her daughter. Sissy fell … [Read more…]

I can do this – update

Um, so I’m supposed to post my pedometer readings here every Wednesday. I’d love to do this today, but I have a slight wee bit of a problem. I lost my pedometer yesterday. I was in a bit of a panic for awhile figuring out how quickly I could go get a new one and … [Read more…]