Chocolate Whopper Cake

Last night I went out my girls Susan and Jane. We had a pedicure and then headed to a local restaurant for drinks and food. Susan insisted that Jane and I share a piece of the chocolate cake. It was good. Made me want some more. This morning, after I took my walk and snuggled … [Read more…]

I can do this – update

Another week, another update. I’ve had a crazy busy past week! Family came to stay on Monday from England. They’ll be here for six weeks (which isn’t long enough and I’m quite serious) which meant loads of cleaning and organizing. We live in a three bedroom house and all said bedrooms are taken, so PP … [Read more…]

Where are you going?

Today I turn 42. In the past 24 years since turning 18 and becoming an “adult”, I’ve often wondered where I was going and what would be there when I got there. Many times I have gotten completely off course and wondered how I had gotten somewhere and how I could get myself out of … [Read more…]