Okayest Mom in the World

World's Okayest MomI saw someone post a photo of a coffee mug this week with this on the side. I feel that it fits me, and my role as a mom.  I didn’t actually think I was going to be a mom. I was married for 12 years before we had our first child — it just didn’t seem to be in the cards. But, I always wanted to be a mom, and I’m so thankful that I am. 

Some days, actually, many days, I feel completely clueless about being a mom – what I’m supposed to say or do, be, think, act. I know for a fact, mom, or not, I stink at cleaning and cooking. I don’t have much patience, and I regularly jump to the wrong conclusions. I have high standards and expectations for everyone in my life (husband, kids and dogs included – cats are out. Too free spirit for me to try to control). 

I know that becoming a mom has taught me infinite patience. Compassion. Sorrow. Joy. Forgiveness. I have loved deeper than I would have ever thought possible. I believe that loving my kids has taught me how to love not only them, but how to love my husband more as well.

The main thing that I’ve learned in being a mom over the course of the past 12 years, is that in reality, the quality isn’t so important. It’s the time. My presence, my willingness to just sit, and listen intently (even when I really don’t want to), is what my kids need/want from me. 

The making of special traditions, and therefore memories, is high on my list as well. Things we do regularly–making homemade pizza and then eating it in the living room while having a Friday night movie night in the winter; road trips specifically to just go buy donuts; and spending as many summer evenings as possible at the pool are just a few of things my husband and I consciously try to schedule. We make them appear random to our kids, but I know/hope when they’r adults looking back they see and appreciate the efforts made for them to have a great childhood.

I know I don’t want to , and would fail miserably, being a Martha Stewart pinterest crazy crafty I make everything from scratch and it’s awesome mom. That’s not me. I’m proud to be one of the world’s okayest moms. 

Happiest of Mother’s Day to all Mom’s out there.