No time for real meals?

Dream Dinners LogoIf you find yourself at 5pm every day thinking in your head, “Crap. It’s five o-clock again.What am I supposed to make for dinner tonight?” then please consider going to Dream Dinners as an option.

What is Dream Dinners? It’s a place where you go, assemble meals that you choose quickly and easily. You bring the food home with simple instructions included, you freeze it, and you then pull it out when you want to have a particular meal for dinner.

I’ve heard of Dream Dinners, but haven’t done them. And I regret that. Here’s why – these are not crock pot meals. I don’t know about you, but I tried that — I made up like ten different meals on Sunday afternoon, froze them, and then put them in my crockpot for family meals. First – no one really liked them. Second – they tasted like crock pot meals. You know what I’m talking about. Bleck. In my, possibly jaded, opinion, a crock pot is good for a pot of chili and a pot roast. Both have the word “pot” in them, and I think that’s on purpose.

Besides, I want my family to eat real food that I cooked. Call me silly. But I do. And that’s what I love about Dream Dinners. With a nominal amount of effort and time, I can place a real home cooked meal on the table that my family will actually not only eat, but enjoy. 

I was invited to a special bloggers event at the Anderson Dream Dinners location back in November. We had such a nice time learning about Dream Dinners, and then assembling our meals. It’s a fool proof process — perfect for the lackadaisical cook you know as me. I brought my meals home, threw them in the freezer and was set. I would pull out a packet in the morning, and by evening it’d be ready for me to cook. 

I’m serious about it when I say the meals are simple and easy; and I’m serious about it when I say delicious and liked by all. When  I say simple, keep in mind that’s what I have to do, the food is not simple – it’s complex flavors and thoughtful combinations.  Your family will think you slaved for hours in the kitchen. You’ll know the truth. 

Since November, my life has gotten even more hectic. I really, and I mean, really need to schedule another appointment to make and buy some more Dream Dinner meals. I really can’t say enough for how much we enjoyed these. 

If you’d like to give this a try, why not take advantage of their new customer special? They have an introductory special for $74.95 — you get to choose three to six dinners. Here’s a link to the store. And here’s one to the introductory offer.

Dream Dinners also offers round out your plate options — sides to add to your meals, breakfast options, and dessert options – some perfect for a potluck dinner. 

I’m sure, that similar to me, you’ll be impressed and pleased with your experience.