My new favorite toy

Fitbit ChargeFor my birthday, I asked for, and received a Fitbit Charge. I just thought it would be something to help me get some more steps in, and maybe see how I sleep. 

Boy was I wrong. This has revolutionized my life. I’m like in love with this little device. Here’s why:

My iphone is synced with the Fitbit and when someone calls me, the Fitbit Charge vibrates. For someone who can never remember to turn their phone back on after turning it off at night, this is HUGE! No more missed calls. And, if I’m in a meeting, I can look down at my wrist and instantly see if I’m getting a call I need to take, or one I can let go to voicemail. 

The Fitbit Charge does much more than this. I actually really like the app interface, although I don’t use all of the features. In time, I expect I will. The only thing I don’t like about this is the quality of the plastic on the screen. I’ve always had to buy expensive watches as I flail my arms when I walk, which means cheap watches always had scratches and/or cracks. After just a few months wearing my Fitbit, it looks like it’s been through a war zone. 

My next quest is to find an upgrade (without buying an Apple watch) that will show me my text messages. I don’t want to see my emails. But I would love to see my texts. Anyone know if there’s one out there that does that?

By the way, I received no compensation from Fitbit for my post. I just thought this was the most fantastic bonus feature of any electronic purchase I’ve made in years, and wanted to share the knowledge with my readers. 

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