Kick Tooth Sensitivity to the Curb with Crest Sensi-Stop Strips

Crest Sensi-Stop Tooth Sensitivity Relief Strips, 6ct.There are 33 million households impacted by tooth hyper-sensitivity. If you’re one of the individuals in one of those households who suffers from this, then you know how having sensitive teeth impacts many of the bites and sips you take each day. We all have a work around – only drinking or chewing with one side of our mouth – or not enjoying certain foods we love such as ice cream because the pain is just too great.

Enter Crest Sensi-Strips

Crest is unveiling one of its most breakthrough product launches in a decade with the launch of Crest Sensi-Stop Strips. The small, flexible, semi-transparent strips provide targeted, immediate and long-lasting tooth sensitivity relief like never before.

I got to attend a special session earlier this week out at the Mason, OH P&G Business Center, where I, along with some fellow bloggers were introduced to Crest Sensi-Stop Strips. We meet with the developers of this product and Dr. Travis Stork. Yes, that Dr. Travis Stork. Dr. Travis Stork, Emmy® nominated TV host of The Doctors and board-certified emergency medicine physician, has partnered with Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health to help others understand that a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy body.

Dr. Stork spoke with us passionately about how there is such an enormous connection between what’s going on in our mouths and how that correlates to our entire health. This message is clearly important to him. And it should be important to you, because there’s some definite truth behind those words.

If you have sensitive teeth, then you more than likely are using a toothpaste which contains potassium nitrate. This active ingredient will help with sensitivity, but it can takes weeks to provide relief, and it’s not long acting. You have to keep on using it. After awhile, when you go to the dentist, you’ll start to hear that you’re missing areas of your mouth with brushing, things don’t look as good in there as it used to. And that’s because in order to help with the sensitivity, you’re giving up important things in your toothpaste.

Crest Sensi-Stop Strips help not only relieve tooth sensitivity, but provide you with a way to be able to switch your toothpaste to one that’s more focused on overall health of your mouth and not just sensitivity. For example:  Crest® Pro-Health® Toothpaste: Delivers comprehensive protection for your teeth and protects all the areas dentist check most: cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, tartar, whitening and fresh breath. This is HUGE I think. Being able to use “real” toothpaste again, means overall better oral and whole body health. I never knew I was giving up one thing to gain another by using sensitive toothpaste, but I do know that over the years since I’ve begun to use it, I’ve noticed changes in my dentist visits, and they haven’t all been positive. Knowing this now is going to really impact my oral regiment going forward in hopefully a very positive way.

Tooth sensitivity prevention with Crest Sensi Stop Strips

How do they work?

We got an interesting science lesson on Monday about the structure of a tooth, and what happens when gums recede. Basically little things called dental tubules become exposed. When they’re exposed, liquid which should be stationary, moves back and forth and hits the nerve endings in the center of our teeth causing us to wince or avoid certain foods.

What Crest Sensi-Stop Strips do is create a barrier by blocking the exterior opening of the tubules with oxylate crystals. The strips are small, flexible, semi-transparent strips provide targeted, immediate and long-lasting tooth sensitivity relief like never before. If you’ve ever used Crest White Strips, you’ll notice these are very similar in appearance and application. The amazing thing is that you leave a strip on for 10 minutes and it provide you with up to 30 days of protection. You know exactly where in your mouth you have sensitivity. Instead of treating your entire mouth by using sensitive toothpaste, you can put the the right amount of tooth sensitivity treatment exactly where it is needed.

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Do they work?

I have a sensitivity on the left side of mouth to cold drinks. I always try to use a straw when I drink cold drinks so that I can help keep the cold away. I was given a sample packet to try, so I did just that. The application process was simple and easy – I picked an area on the top right of my mouth. It didn’t taste weird, which was a bonus. After 10 minutes, I took it off. Later today I decided to give a cold drink a test and drink it regularly which I haven’t done in years. In fact, I had to re-learn how to do it. LOL. Well, it was definitely less sensitive after the treatment with the Sensi-Stop Strips. Cool. Turns out, that I might need to retreat this area or other areas in order to have optimal effect as the exposure of new tubules can happen at a fairly regular basis as there’s so many of them on the surface of our teeth.

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To quote Dr. Stork, “Small decisions impact our health. We think of them as being isolate decisions, but they’re not.” our decisions small or large do impact our overall health.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in partnership with One2One Network and Crest. Opinions are mine.