Where in the blazes did all of this crap (oops, I mean stuff) come from? In every room and closet and nook and cranny in my house there’s something that needs to be sorted, organized and put away. It doesn’t seem to ever end. Am I the only one in this boat?

Are there people out there who have little children who have a clutter free home? Sometimes I feel like such a failure due to the fact that I simply can’t keep up with it. It’s not my thing and I’m not very good at it. I try to pick up the living room every night and I try to make my bed every day, but the rest of it quite honestly overwhelms me most of the time.
I go through spurts where I feel the need to be super woman and so I tackle a room or even a drawer and it feels really good when I look at that one area, but then the panoramic view comes back into focus and I sigh and trudge on.
My good friend Susan, just had her second child. Prior to that she was a cleaning and organizing queen trying to get everything done and perfect before her son was born. She did a great job and inspired me to tackle things I’ve been trying to ignore. I cleaned out my linen closet, I know, people, but give me baby steps here, I’m trying!! and I cleaned out one drawer in my desk. Just in those two little steps I eliminated quite a bit of clutter. I know philosophically that it can be done. It’s just getting the motivation to do it. I know! I have the best idea! Money motivates me – someone quick offer to pay me $100 for each room that I de-clutter and my house will sparkle and shine and have wide open spaces lickety split!
One pair of in-laws are arriving in a few weeks and they’re staying here so I have two weeks to clean out my walk-in closet (last time it was cleaned out was when they came two years ago), sort and organize the bathroom drawers and do something with that god awful place fondly referred to as the basement.
Sometimes I think maybe it’s time to move. Whenever I’ve moved, I’ve been supremely motivated to get rid of excess and clutter. My friend Erin has her house for sale (BTW gorgeous home if you’re in the market) and a bit of me is jealous. I’ve moved too many times to count and although it’s back breaking, stressful and oh so tiring, it’s also liberating. You know all of the boxes you moved and stuck in your basement on the day you moved in? Those get to be thrown away! Yes, I’m serious. I’ve done it. If you haven’t needed it in the past five years, what makes you think you’ll need it anytime soon? Do you even remember what’s in those boxes?
Something about moving just makes it okay to pitch them out with only a cursory look. Well, I’m not moving from this house anytime soon. So I need to figure this clutter thing out. I don’t want to live in a house like my sister (no names so you pick which one you think I’m talking about!) in a house so full of stuff you can’t even find a place to sit down, but I also don’t want to be this maniac who runs after people catching things before they even hit the carpet and putting them in their place.
I’ve thought and have tried to follow along and be a good sport with Fly Lady but quite honestly she’s a bit too intense for me. Too structured, too demanding, too right on the mark.
Anyone out there have any good tips (other than have a stiff drink and just ignore it all) on how to tackle the clutter problem?

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