No-Bake Triple Berry Pie

I remembered after the first couple of steps that I needed to be taking photos as I went along. Hmmm, let me recreate it for you……You need a graham cracker crust. I don’t like graham cracker crusts and here’s why – whenever I buy graham crackers to make a crust, there’s always lots left over … [Read more…]

I can do this – update

I decided that if I blogged my steps here, it would make me more accountable for keep on keeping on. I think I’m a day late, but hey, better late than never. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the cliches already! Drum roll, please! 10,804, 11,264, 11,720, 12,552, 11,320, 12,374 and 12,967 I also did sit … [Read more…]

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday we went to the Beach Waterpark . We’ve gone for the past three summers with our kids and we have an absolute blast. This year was no different except that both were tall enough to go on most of the water rides. If you’ve never been to the beach, it’s worth the trip as … [Read more…]