Cranky was my middle name

I’m in a cranky funk. Have been since Friday. It all started out great! We were invited over to my parents house for an early birthday celebration for me and Sissy. My parents leave today for a month of vacation. Don’t you like the sound of that – a month of vacation. Dinner was lovely. … [Read more…]


Who invented camp? I tried to google this, but camp rock came up – not what I was looking for at all. I’d really like to know as they’re my hero. All I want to do is thank them. From the absolute bottom of my heart they need a big “thank you!”. I’m sure my … [Read more…]


Where in the blazes did all of this crap (oops, I mean stuff) come from? In every room and closet and nook and cranny in my house there’s something that needs to be sorted, organized and put away. It doesn’t seem to ever end. Am I the only one in this boat? Are there people … [Read more…]