BTS is almost here

If you don’t have school age children, then your first thought is WTF is BTS? BTS is Back to School you lucky sod! My kids don’t like back to school. I don’t know why as they both like school. I don’t know if it’s the thought, the name, the uncertainty of new friends, teachers, etc., … [Read more…]

Toad in the Hole

This recipe is for my friend, Debbie. She asked me last week to stop posting dessert recipes as she’s on a diet. Not sure that she’ll be too pleased with this one either, but hey! it is made with lean turkey sausages. My husband is British. Well, that’s partly true – he’s now American, but … [Read more…]

I can do this – update

Ugh. My pedometer numbers don’t lie and they’re not good. Excuses? Many. At the top of the list is rain, rain and rain. Rain shouldn’t be an issue as I own a treadmill. Did I just let that slip? Yeah, I own a really nice treadmill. We bought it almost 11 years ago. It’s a … [Read more…]