We loved the Greatest Show on Earth!

Last night we attended the opening night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey production of Legends. As always, the show lived up to name as the greatest show on earth. We just loved it!  Jonathan Lee Iverson, our favorite ring master, was the ringmaster this year. He was outstanding. 

With this ring…

I’ve been married for 24 years. I’ve had nine wedding rings in that 24 years. I just got numbers eight and nine last week. And no, it hasn’t all been for upgrades. My first engagement ring was a little gold ring with diamond chips in it. I think it cost about $90. It was what … [Read more…]

Get your clothes ready for Fall with P&G Fabric Care products -Closed

Update 10/2/14 – I’m happy to report that One2One Network is honoring this giveaway! Congratulations to Michelle G. for winning. Please check your email from me, Michelle. ________________ My sincere apologies – this promotion was withdrawn by One2One Network. Since it’s been withdrawn, I unfortunately have to cancel this giveaway. ________________ Indian Summer is coming … [Read more…]