My new favorite toy

For my birthday, I asked for, and received a Fitbit Charge. I just thought it would be something to help me get some more steps in, and maybe see how I sleep.  Boy was I wrong. This has revolutionized my life. I’m like in love with this little device. Here’s why: My iphone is synced … [Read more…]

This tricky thing called being a Mom

Late last week, while having a “cough” discussion with my 13 year old daughter, I realized I was slowly becoming my Mom. And, in this instance, I was mortified. Our discussion focused around her choices when it came to school work. It then moved onto to career choices. She said something along the lines of, … [Read more…]

Make afternoon snacks delicious and rich in protein.

I don’t know about you, but this summer has gone by waaaay too quickly. It doesn’t help that the district we live in changed the school calendar for the upcoming school year, and consequently shaved two weeks off of this summer. With camps, summer school classes for my over achiever, and just some good old … [Read more…]