Who invented camp? I tried to google this, but camp rock came up – not what I was looking for at all. I’d really like to know as they’re my hero. All I want to do is thank them. From the absolute bottom of my heart they need a big “thank you!”. I’m sure my kids do as well. This week of summer is camp week for them and so ultimately it’s a camp week for me.

Sissy and Bubba LOVE camp. They go to day camps a few weeks each summer. Once to an outside mini version of an away camp and twice to inside camps at Bubba’s pre-school . Each week is a different theme – this week it’s Jungle Camp.
I remember going to camp with my grade school best friend Ann. I don’t remember how old we were when we went to camp and I’ve been trying for weeks to remember the name of the camp that we went to. I asked my parents, did some googling and just can’t find the name. I have photos of camp in my mind. I cherish these memories.
We went for a week and had such a blast! I’m not a big camping person, but I remember having the best time at camp regardless of bugs, smelly cabins and hot weather. I hope that my kids will want to go away to camp when they’re a bit older. It the meantime, I’m wetting their palette with local camps.
Camps are the perfect invention – they keep kids happy, busy and learning something new. They provide me with about 3 hours of time to run around like a maniac trying to get things done that I find hard to do when the house is full of kids. Remember how I wrote about cleaning out my closet? That’s top of the agenda to get done this week beginning today. I can’t do that when everyone is here – how totally boring and unfair.
My kids love camp so much that I thought I could be super mom this summer and make up some camps of our own to do on the off weeks. We started out strong with a week focused on doing a scavenger hunt and did some crafty things in June, but then it all fizzled out. Interest from my kids wained – we couldn’t get going and I couldn’t get them to want to focus on doing one thing. I didn’t do a great job at planning the specific themes well enough in advance so that it could all just be execution mode during the appropriate week. I need to try again next Summer- with some time set aside this Winter and Spring to really lay it all out. I didn’t realize how much work goes into organizing and planning the camps that my kids go to. Both camp programs that my kids attend do a phenomenal job and for that I’m very thankful. The amazing efforts and energy of the camp staffs and teachers helps make the camps so much fun and successful.
Happy kids make a happy Momma. I’m looking forward to a great week!


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