Call me lucky

A photo of my two and some friends drawing inspirational messages on the sidewalk at a local park.

A photo of my two and some friends drawing inspirational messages on the sidewalk at a local park.

My kids are 2 years and four months apart. They’re three school grades apart. One is a girl. One is a boy. Because of the three year school difference, they haven’t ridden the same school bus since the youngest was in 1st grade. A lot has changed since then. The biggest change is that my kids consider each other one of their best friends. 

As someone who didn’t become a parent until their mid-30’s, watching this relationship change and grow has been a wonder. As a mom, I’m a natural worrier. What will happen when we’re gone? Will they even like each other? Will they even see or speak to each other? As a sister myself to four, I know my relationship with my siblings has changed throughout my 40+ years. When once I looked to some with sheer annoyance and other with sheer awe, I now look at them as people I enjoy spending time with. There have been times when some of us have been really really close, and times when others have us have been really really far away– and I’m not talking about physical distance. 

But, when push has come to shove in my life, I know that my siblings are the ones who will be there for me. No. matter. what. And I hope they can say the same thing about me. 

Back to my two. For most of the ten years they’ve been siblings, they’ve always gotten along very well. There’s the occasional bicker or fight, but it’s always been short lived. Although they got along, they weren’t really what I would call friends. Something happened, though, within the last 12 months. As my ten year old has become more mature, and more aware that there is actually a world outside of his tunnel vision, he has shown such incredible love and support to my thirteen year old. She has anxiety and OCD, and sometimes has a very hard time in various situations. He instinctively takes care of her. He gives her special hugs, he rubs her back to calm her down, he whispers words of encouragement or little jokes into her ear. 

When I see this, my heart melts, and makes me thankful. I see them in my head as they are adults, and I see great laughter, talks and support. 

I am the witness to beauty enfolding right before me.