Buying a Swim Suit

I needed a new swim suit this week. Can you feel my pain? If you’re a woman, I know you can. I bought a suit last week from Lands’ End on-line. When it arrived, I liked it. Then, I put it on. YUCK! It had to go back. Immediately. That minute.

I went to return it yesterday at Sears (side note – Did you know you can order things from LE on-line and get free shipping to you. To not have to pay shipping to return the item, just take it back to a Sears store.) Prior to going to the store, I’d given up hopes on buying another suit this year. It’s getting late in the summer and school fees and tuition are looming ever present which means I’m starting to feel poorness lurking around the corner, so I’d resigned myself into dealing with my current hateful swim suit until next Spring.
We arrived at Sears to find a nice little sale going on.YES! Swim suits were on clearance with an extra 30% off. I was liking the prospects. Then came picking one out. They had so many swim suit pieces and combinations of pieces it was a bit hard to take it all in. I eventually picked out three sets to try out.
Now, here’s a just discovered new twist to purchasing a swim suit. Are you listening? Take a six year old girl with you. Yes, I’m serious. Take a six year old girl with you. I don’t care how bad the suit I was trying on looked like or how much I had to contort my body to even put the suit on, the response was the same, “Oh Mommy, that’s beautiful on you! You look fantastic!”. I tried not to see the photos in my head of my girl with make-up garrishly applied literally all over her face (another definition of fantastic looking to her) or the mixed match floral outfits that make her who she is. I just tried to soak in the compliments and I actually enjoyed shopping for a swim suit. That’s right, you heard what I said. I think I should win a prize for saying that. I might just be the first woman to ever utter those words.


  1. Before we leave for MI, we'll go to LE. Get some sleep in the next week, you're going to hit the ground running!!!

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