Boot Camp Update #1

If you read blog posts from Family Friendly Cincinnati, then hopefully you caught my post on starting boot hell, I mean camp, this week.

I got up at 4:30 am on Monday morning. I had even planned everything out so that I went to bed at 9pm on Sunday — highly unusual for me. Wish I could say I got a great nights sleep, I didn’t. Sissy woke up after a bad dream and climbed into bed with us, and as she is a squirmer, that means I ditched the bed for the couch. Couch is comfy but it means sharing the room with 14 year old, gassy, unsettled dog = crappy sleep.

But I got up and I went. Weather was in our favor and boot camp was interesting. I thought it would be a bit like first day on Biggest Loser – lots of vomiting and crying. I’m pleased to report this wasn’t the case at all. We did some jogging, we did some lifting weights, we did some mat work, we did a variety of things which made the time go quickly.

Afterwards, I did feel really good. But sore. And tired.

4:30 Tuesday morning came early (is that an oxymoron?) — again went to bed early, but sleep gods were not on my side. Another interrupted night of sleep.

Camp seemed harder today. It seemed we did more or maybe it was because I was sore. Finished the day sore. And tired.

Today, you guessed it, 4:30 came early. Thankfully I got up. We lost power during the night and thanks to my house that never sleeps, I woke up at 2:30 and noticed my alarm was blinking. Reset it and tried to sleep some more.

Camp was definitely harder today or maybe I just feel the need to keep up and to push through the soreness. I did thing I don’t really like doing – some kind of jump thing where you throw your legs into the air above you while your hands support you on your mat. Insane. Really insane. Tried to do it, but couldn’t. Came home, tried to show my husband, couldn’t so took Buster and he demonstrated how to do this and my fit, in shape, exercise machine who works out at home daily did it. Hate him. (not really, well maybe just today).

Biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that I need a better mat – thing yoga mat on concrete = sore butt and back. One of my best friends, Amazon Prime, along with my $20.99 means a thick new mat arrives today after being ordered yesterday. Mwa! a big kiss to AP!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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