Let the curse of mismatched socks go

I’m not sure when or why during our growing up years we get this sudden need in our psyche to only have matched socks. I’m sure as a kid I could have cared less, but I can remember helping my mom fold laundry on her laundry day. She did laundry for a family of seven … [Read more…]

Sleeping Beauty Hits the Ensemble Theatre

And it’s fabulous! Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, part of my families tradition is that we head downtown to the Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati (ETC). This year the play was Sleeping Beauty, and it was performed as a musical.  As always, the costumes were just as incredible as the performers who wore them. We were enchanted … [Read more…]

Crouching Tigers Launches in Cincinnati

Hey local friends, my kids are two old to benefit from this program, but as I feel it’s important to get our kiddos moving and shaking at an early age, I wanted to get the info out about something new coming to Cincinnati. If you suggest this program to your child’s school/preschool and they sign … [Read more…]