A Simple Way to Brighten Each Day

Ever since I lived in England many years ago, I’ve loved having fresh flowers in my home. While living there, even though the cost of living was higher than state side, purchasing flowers was an inexpensive treat that I relished in. I haven’t had flowers regularly in years, until this past year. I now purchase … [Read more…]

Hanna Andersson has come to Cincinnati!

Can I get a woot from anyone in the ‘Nati? Oh, how I wish this store had come to town years ago. It’s probably better for my pocket book that they didn’t, but I’m happy to see such a quality children’s clothing store hit our town. I got to go tonight for a special early … [Read more…]

A Quick Afternoon Stop in Detroit

My girl is now old enough to go away to camp. EEK. Well, technically, she’s been old enough for a few years, but she wan’t ready and by golly neither was I, until this summer. We spent time and effort picking what we hope is the perfect camp (I’ll know when we go to pick … [Read more…]